The AOP/WCFP Students

2008 Postgraduate Students

Claire Boulter

University of Sheffield, Geography Department.

Postdoctoral research project title:
Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating
in the Langebaanweg Environs.

Dr Mark Bateman (University of Sheffield, UK) and Dr Dave Roberts (Council for Geoscience, Cape Town)
Claire taking samples for TT-OSL dating of ancient aeolian (wind blown) sediments at the Fossil Park

2009 Postgraduate Students

Antoine Louchart

Free standing post-doctoral bursary held at Iziko South African Museum

Post-doctoral Project title:
A study of fossil birds from Langebaanweg: Paleoenvironmental and biogeographical indications

Dr Roger Smith (Iziko South African Museum)

Lara Sciscio

Rhodes University, Geography Department

Masters project title:
A biogeochemical and palynological investigation of late Cenozoic fluvial/ estuarine sediments, Western Cape, South Africa

Dr Hari Tsikos (Rhodes University) and Dr Dave Roberts (Council for Geoscience, Cape Town)

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The AOP/WCFP Students

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Lara Sciscio

Antoine Louchart

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