Privacy disclaimer: The West Coast Fossil Park

The West Coast Fossil Park is bound by the Protection of Personal Information Act no4 of 2013 and is committed to safeguarding your personal information, retaining your privacy and ensuring that your personal information is only processed for the purpose intended.


  1. The purpose of collection of members of the Public’s personal information

1.1          The Indemnity form completed by visitors:

The West Coast Fossil requires each member of the public visiting the Park to complete an Indemnity form before partaking in the Park’s activities. The form requires the member of the public to disclose certain identifying personal information in order to legally indemnify the Park in the event of a loss or injury sustained by the member of the public while on the Park’s premises.

The personal information is primarily used for the purpose of indemnifying the Park, but the information disclosed on the Indemnity Form serves the following purposes as well:

  • The Park is required to retain the information provided on the form to confirm the number of visitors to the Park and the income generated by the Park for Audit Purposes.
  • The Park extracts visitor statistics such as age, area of residence, gender, nationality of visitors, to enable the Park to determine who is visiting the Park and to ensure that appropriate facilities and activities are in place to keep attracting visitors.
  • The Park allows you to indicate on the Indemnity form whether you would like to receive correspondence on events and activities at the Park. Should you indicate your interest in such correspondence, the Park will retain your email address on a database to ensure you receive correspondence.

1.2          Personal Information obtained from the booking system:

The West Coast Fossil Park offers online booking on the Activity Bridge booking platform. The platform requires the disclosure of certain personal information from you in order to book and pay for your visit to the Park in advance, to ensure your place on a tour. For more information on how Activity Bride protects your personal information, please view

The West Coast Fossil Park utilises the information obtained through the booking platform to secure your booking. Once you arrive at the Park and complete your indemnity form, the electronic notification of your booking, and all personal information contained therein, is deleted.

    1. Personal information of children:

The responsibility and sensitivity of safeguarding the personal information of children deserves special mention. The personal information of children collected does not extend beyond the name of the child as collected on the indemnity form completed by the adult accompanying the child to the Park. The park retains indemnity forms until the annual audit is concluded and then destroys the form. The park will only record the age group of the child, and whether a child is a learner or whether they are a pre-schooler for statistical purposes.

No personal information on any child is collected by the Park in the event of a school, tour or any other group booking made.  The personal information may however be retained by the party making the group booking, and we suggest that the Privacy disclaimer and/or Protection of Personal Information  Policy of the party making the booking is reviewed prior to allowing a third party to make a booking for a child.

  1. The purpose of collection of other personal information:

It is necessary for the Park to collect, process and retain personal information other than that of the public visiting the Park, such as personal information of suppliers, creditors, associates, contractors, volunteers, trustees, and employees. The purpose of the collection of personal information in these instances will usually be for the purpose defined in the contract, and/or for health and safety, statutory, remuneration and payment purposes.

This period of retention of this personal information is usually determined by statute. Information that is no longer required for statutory purposes or for practical purposes is deleted or destroyed.

  1. Processing of personal information:

3.1          The West Coast Fossil Park respects each person’s right to privacy and applies the conditions and provisions defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act no 4 of 2013 when responsible for personal information.

3.2          The West Coast Fossil Park thus attempts to minimise the retention of any personal information as far as possible, and only retains personal information essential for the purposes stated above,  and /or to perform an agreed service, and/or retains the personal information that the Park is compelled to for statutory purposes in accordance with the POPI Act.

3.3          The Park thus undertakes that any personal information will be collected, retained, processed and disposed of under the following conditions:

      1. The West Coast Fossil Park Trust takes responsibility for processing any personal information in its possession lawfully and in a manner that does not infringe on the data subject’s privacy.

3.3.2    The Park undertakes that all personal information in an electronic format is password protected and that all reasonable steps are taken to limit access to only those appointed and authorised by the Park to process personal information, and to safeguard and secure electronic any device containing personal information.

      1. All physical forms of personal information are stored in a locked storage area or device.
      1. The Park will only process a data subject’s personal information in their possession for the lawful purposes defined and agreed with the data subject.
      2. Should the West Coast Fossil Park receive a request to disclose personal information in its possession, the Park will ensure that the permission of the data subject is sought before disclosure is made. The Park will immediately honour the wishes of the data subject if they would like to withdraw such permission. However, in the event of a party who is exempt in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act no4 of 2013 requiring personal information, the Park will be compelled to comply with the requirement to disclose the relevant information, and will inform the data subject of the requirement to disclose the personal information and of the nature of personal information disclosed.
      3. The Park shall, at the request of a data subject, immediately change, delete, destroy, or cease any other processing of personal information in its possession that they are not compelled by statute to retain and process. The data subject will be informed of any consequences of the change, deletion and destruction of such personal information. However, such a request shall not be honoured if the processing of the personal information prejudices the lawful purpose of the retention or collection of the personal information.
      4. Personal information shall only be collected directly from a data subject except when the collection of such information will not prejudice the legitimate interests of the data subject, or where:
    1. required to do so for proceedings in a court, CCMA or a Bargaining Council, or any other tribunal recognised by the Labour Relations Act;
    2. required to so for the South African Revenue Services or for National Security;
    3. in order to maintain the legitimate interests of the Park or another third party to whom information is supplied;
    4. compliance with the request is not reasonably practicable under the circumstances.
      1. In the event of the West Coast Fossil Park being required to execute further processing of personal information other than for the specified purpose, it will ensure that further processing is compatible with and in accordance with the purpose. The West Coast Fossil Park will be mindful and respectful of the sensitivity of the information. Should further processing be out of scope of the purpose, the Park will consult with the data subject unless the processing is in the interest of public or individual health and safety, or if determined to be exempt by the Information Regulator.
      2. The West Coast Fossil Park will as far as possible, attempt to determine that personal information is accurate, complete and current.
      3.  The Park will maintain record of the processing of personal information that it performs.
      4. Over and above ensuring that limited access is granted to personal information, the West Coast Fossil Park requires every contractor, agent, employee and/or associate that may be required to work with personal information to sign a non-disclosure agreement which protects against the disclosure of personal information that the West Coast Fossil Park is responsible for.
      5. The Park will immediately notify the data subject and the Regulator in writing should we know, or suspect, that an unauthorised person has, or may have, accessed, or come to acquire, personal information in our possession, unless we are advised that such notification may impede a criminal investigation.
      6. The Park will not process the following personal information of a data subject, unless required by law to do so:
  • The race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, creed, culture, political persuasion, philosophical beliefs, health, biometric information, or any other information reasonably deemed sensitive;
  • The criminal record or criminal behaviour, or disciplinary record of the data subject.


  1. Cookies:

The Website may from time to time use cookies in a limited way. Cookies are small files containing information that a Website uses to track a visit by a user. A cookie is also set on your computer to allow organisations to recognize you whenever you visit and collect information, like the pages you visit and the preferences you choose. The Park may use the information collected for statistical purposes and to study how the Website is used so that we may improve and enhance your experience on the Website. No personal information is stored in cookies. It is possible for you not to accept our cookies while using our Website by setting the preference in your web browser.

 If you would like more information about cookies, you can visit:

  1. Third party Websites:

The Website may offer links to third-party websites (as mentioned above when referring to the booking site), including payment gateways for credit card payment. You should be aware that operators of linked websites may also collect your personal information (including information generated using cookies) when you link to their websites. If you follow a link to any of these websites, it is important to note that these websites have their own terms of use and privacy policies and that the Company does not accept any responsibility or liability for them.

 As the West Coast Fossil Park is not responsible for any representations, information, warranties, or content on any website of any third-party, it does not exercise control over third-parties' privacy policies. The Park is not responsible for how such parties collect, use, or disclose your information. It is important for you to familiarize yourself with their privacy policies before providing them with your personal information.

 6.            Analytics:

The Company may use Google Analytics or other similar analytical tools to obtain information collected to display, optimise, and personalise advertisements and customer experience on our Website. To determine which advertisements you may find useful, and to personalise your experience on the Website.

  1. Marketing:

With your consent, the West Coast Fossil Park may use your personal information to promote and market additional products, services, and special offers that may be of interest to you. When you visit the Website, we may ask you if you want to sign-up to receive information and promotional offers.

If you decide to register for emails, you may opt-out from receiving such communications, at any time. If you do not provide us your consent, some features in our Website may not be available to you.

 We will use your personal information for the direct marketing purpose only if you give your consent to us or as it is permitted by law. In case you no longer want to receive this news or information, you may opt-out of receiving such by requesting that your details are deleted by contacting the Information Officer as listed below.

 Should you have any concerns or complaints about the protection of your personal information in the West Coast Fossil Park’s possession, or wish to verify the nature and use of your personal information in our possession, our Information Officer is Louise Jacobs and Deputy Information Officer is Darryl Dreyer. You are welcome to contact them directly regarding your concern, complaint or request at or